National Doughnut Day,World War I, and a Free Digi

It’s National Doughnut Day! Do you know the story behind National Doughnut Day? I was surprised to learn that the day isn’t just about celebrating this tasty treat, but is actually linked to the Salvation Army service women of WWI. In France, during WWI, a couple of ladies decided to fry the dough and serve it up to homesick service men. The women became known as the “Donut Lassies”. In 1938 Salvation Army founded National Doughnut Day, which is celebrated on the first Friday of June, to honor these women and their valuable contribution to the war. Want to learn more? Here is a link to the Salvation Army North page with pics, video, and even the original recipe : A Taste of History: Fried Dough, Front Lines and the Salvation Army.

Since I don’t have any real doughnuts to give away today, I am giving away this virtual doughnut:

To download this image: Right Mouse Click and Copy/Save image to

Here is a card I made using the digital image of my own creation. I’m just now realizing that the sentiment may be a little off since doughnuts are typically fried and not baked! Duh!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and freebie. I will just about try any doughnut, but my favorite is definitely a chocolate covered. What is yours? Comment below with your favorite flavor.

Happy Crafting Y’all, Erika


  1. I’m a fan of a good ol’ original glazed donut. Nice article. I had no idea there was an actual story behind national donut day.

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