3 Non-Photo Uses for Our Red, White, and Blue Decoupaged Frames

No photo, no problem

Think the frames in the Egghead Creations Etsy shop are fun, but you don’t have a photo to share. We get it! Here are some alternative uses for our Red, White, and Blue Decoupaged Frames that can be applied to any frame.

5x7 Framed U.S. Pledge of Allegiance

Frame a Verse, Poem, or Quote

Get creative and frame your favorite words: a verse, poem or quote. We think the USA Pledge of Allegiance is perfect for this collection.

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Photo of frame being used as a table marker

Use as a table marker

Make sure your party guests no where to sit or find their favorite foods. These frames are perfect for Independence Day themed gatherings. You can even use them outside. If they get dirty, wipe them down with a slightly damp cloth.

Note: Avoid extreme weather as this may warp or damage the frame.

Photo of frame being used a menu dry-erase board

Write a message on the glass

Insert plain paper behind the glass and use the glass as a dry-erase board. It’s a perfect idea to leave quick notes and reminders for the family.

Hope you found the tips on how to use these adorable frames useful. Just remember to get creative and think outside the box. You can find the frames featured in this post in our Etsy Shop. Be sure to share your inspirational ideas in the comments below.

Happy Crafting Y'all,

Before you go...Download your free "Pledge of Allegiance" printable PDF perfect for our 5x7 size frames.